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Programming Services

We are specialized in providing custom programming services for the AMX, Crestron and Extron control systems. We are always trying to deliver the ultimate control experience in our programs, we always think about the non-traditional control functions that will make it easy for the end user to control the AV system.

In addition to the standard functionality of the control functions, here are some of the functions/features that we are providing in our programs:

Room Mode Selection

These days most of the rooms will be used in different modes, i.e. presentation, conference, cinema, etc. In each of these modes the room will behave differently.

User can easily select from the control touch panel the room mode while powering on the system, and the control system will setup the room and make it ready from the selected room mode.

User can also easily to change the room mode while using it, by simply selecting the new room mode while the room is ON

Video Source Auto-switching

While use can select the desired video source to show on the room’s screen, this function enables the system to automatically switch between sources when a mobile source is connected to one of the video interfaces in the room.

Once user connect his laptop, for example, to a cable connection on the table/wall, the systems detects the connected source and automatically send it to the screen to have it ready for the user, this is completely done with no interaction with the control touch panel.

When user disconnect the laptop, the system will automatically switch back to the default video source without the need to use the touch panel to do so.

All sources can have priority set to define which inputs will have higher/lower priority when they are connected at the same time to the system.

GUI Multi-language Support

Usually touch panels are designed in a single language, and most probably English, but what if you prefer to use the touch panel in a different language.

User can easily change the GUI language to his preferred language, because our programs are capable to change the GUI language from a predefined languages.

Accessing Room Controls from Anywhere

Some functions on the touch panel are important enough to have access to them wherever your are on the touch panel, one of these functions is the Room Controls (Lights, Blinds, etc.) functions

Despite where are you now on the touch panel, i.e. in which page, and despite if the system is ON or OFF, Room Controls can be accessed from any page on the touch panel

Even when the system is OFF, user can still control the Room Controls function to have the room lights ON or Blinds open without the need to turn on the system to do so

Easily Manage Program Data

Out programs are done in a way to make it easy in the future to change of the data shown on the GUI devices without the need to modify program files.

Because we are following the Model-View-Controller model in our programs, data to be shown on the touch panel or used in the program functionality are stored in a separate text based files that are read by the program and propagate to the GUI and program automatically on program load.

GUI text, audio/video inputs & outputs, channel preset names numbers and logos can all be easily changed without any need to modify any part in the program, which makes it easy to do changes in the future quickly and easy.

Admin Portal For Advanced Control

The main aim in our programs is to make it simple and straight forward, to make it suitable for standard non-technical users, and at the same time, to make it more advanced/flexible, to make it suitable for technical or system admin users

We are accomplishing this by providing 2 different access level to our users, user level and admin level, in user level the control will be as simple as the user needs to be able to control the system as needed, but when more adjustment/control is needed, we have an admin level

Admin level can be accessed with a PIN to prevent any user from playing with the system without knowing what to do, admin level will have the same controls as the user level plus the advanced control functions to enable him to make justification to the system to meet the current room function