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This is our approach to expand the AV control systems capability beyond the traditional use as a very expensive touch panel based remote control, these modules are adding more functionalities to the control system to serve clients’ needs
These modules are helping AV programmers to add these functionality to their system without the need to know how to program these functionality in their programs from scratch, which will save time and make it less hassle

Here is a list of the modules available from us:

Pray Times

With the Pray Times module, the AV control system will be to calculate Muslim pray times and trigger notifications when the pray time approaches, which can be used to show a message on a screen, play Azan audio on speakers, or whatever is needed as an indication for pray time

GUI Language Manager

With GUI Language Manager you can have multi-language support on your touch panel and give the user the ability to have the touch panel GUI in the preferred language

Ordering System

Order System modules set enables user to have the ability to order items or services from the control system touch panel, no need to pickup phones or call someone to get your beverage or to get someone into the room to fix a problem found in the room.